A tale of an adventurer, from the mountains of Lebanon to the Waitakere ranges

I was in Auckland reading a magazine about wines in New Zealand, many wine brands were featured but one of them caught my attention. The Corbans Wine! I asked about it out of curiosity during my visits to different wineries in the land of Kiwis. What came out mostly was that Corbans Winery is one […]

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The Wines from Bordeaux

My journey in Bordeaux and its wine region was again another unique adventure. It was full of excitement, knowledge, amazing landscapes and legendary wines. I decided for this post to share it with you with pictures. Putting in practice the famous adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words” Château Petit Village – Pomerol Château Desmirail […]

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The Wine Student

After the Rhone Valley I headed to the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon region for one month of courses at SupAgro Montpellier. I was very excited to be back to this beautiful city. In the summer of 2003, when I was still studying in Lille, I spent 2 months working on the beach near Montpellier, […]

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Vallée du Rhône

The Rhône Valley is a special place for me, this is where I originally fell in love with wine a few years back. It became my passion ever since. I was so eager to know more about this region and taste its diverse and great wines. The Rhône is divided into two sub-regions with distinct viticulture […]

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Le Vin Heroique, Monte Bianco

After Burgundy, I was so excited to discover the Alpine wine countries. We headed east through the Alps towards Geneva and on to Changins “Haute Ecole de Viticulture et Oenologie” for an initiation on the Swiss viticulture and wines. We started by visiting the Vaud vineyards and wine. Le “Pays du Chasselas” the pride of […]

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Balade en Bourgogne

My World Wine Tour continues. After the Loire Valley, it was time to go to Burgundy from October 20 till October 30. We started this journey at Burgundy University in Dijon for a week of oenology and tasting courses. Things have to get serious from time to time. Those 10 days spent in Burgundy were full […]

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